SlickBox - By Myster High End

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Larger than the SlickStick in both size and battery!
The SlickBox fits up to 2ml carts and has a battery power of 650mah.
Covert 510 vape cartridge battery. Consume everything without judgment.

  • USB-C / Type-C Charging (Cord not included)
  • Variable Voltage (2.8V, 3.4V, 3.8V)
  • Pre Heat Mode
  • Strong Magnetic Closure
  • Works with both Puff Control and Bottom Button

3 quick puffs to change voltage

2 quick puffs to pre-heat

5 quick puffs to turn ON/OFF

Works with 510 carts up to 2ml.

*Cartridge not included.

 ** This product is not intended for tobacco or illegal substances.