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A great way to show your support for The Compassionate Care Collective NZ and its projects.

All on matte finish vinyl. 

Approximate Sizes: Width x Height

Compassionate Care Collective 
Medium -  12.6cm x 4.2cm
Large -  16.3cm x 5.4cm

the daberHashery nz
Small - 9.8cm x 6cm
Medium - 12cm x 8cm

Medium - 12.2cm x 6.5cm

I consume cannabis
Small - 9.8cm x 2.8cm
Medium - 12.2cm x 3.4cm
Large - 22cm x 6cm

I consume cannabis - Slim
Medium -12.2cm x 2.2cm
Large - 22cm x 4cm

Marihuana Tax Stamp - 1937
Small - 5cm x 8cm
Medium - 8cm x 13cm

We are the HOPE - Shepard Fairey 
Medium - 8.5cm x 13cm
Large 12cm x 18cm