GQB - Seamless - Long Thin Neck Blender - 20mm OD - 68mm Deep - 30mm Dish - 3mm - Beveled Edge

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This long thin neck blender is a unique and innovative design. Small slits in the bottom of the tube allow for continuous airflow while you inhale, creating a vacuum which constantly “percolates” your favorite oils and terpenes. With a marble the percolation keeps the oil moving over the heated quartz surface, which prevents burning and allows more time for the vapor to be inhaled.

The biggest advantage of this innovative new design of banger is it allows for complete utilization of your oils and terpenes, even in large doses. In addition, by preventing burning, the airflow created by the slits in the bottom dish improves the overall flavor.
  • 2.5mm Thick Glass Quartz
  • 20mm OD
  • 68mm Depth
  • 30mm Wide Dish
  • Beveled Edge
  • Seamless Weld Neck

**Actual item may differ very slightly from that shown in photo**

This product is to be used with legal oils and terpenes only.