GQB - Built-in Round Bottom - 25mm OD - 38mm Deep - 3mm - Beveled Edge

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Our built-in round bottom glass quartz banger has a unique design with many benefits. There's no corners for your wax to build up or hide, making cleaning faster and easier so this banger will last longer than traditional ones.
The thicker 3mm quartz and 38mm depth of the bucket retains heat for larger & longer dabs and the stylish beveled top edge is the perfect fit for your bubble cap. 

- 3mm Thick Glass Quartz
- Beveled Top Edge 
- 25mm Outer Diameter
- 38mm Bucket Depth
- Frosted Male Joint

Available in 10mm & 14mm in both 45° & 90° Male fittings.

(Adapters are available for other fittings)

This product is to be used with legal oils and terpenes only.