GQB - Coloured Flat Bottom - 25mm OD - 31mm Deep 4mm Base - 2mm Flat Edge

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This coloured glass quartz banger has a 2mm thick wall and a 4mm thick 25mm wide clear bottom. The flat top edge peers well with any carb cap.


- 25mm Outer Diameter
- 31mm Deep
- 4mm Flat Coloured Bottom - Blue - Green/Blue - Red 
- 2mm Thick Glass Quartz
- Flat Top Edge

Available in 10mm & 14mm in both 45° & 90° Frosted Male fittings.

These were purchased as colour-changing bangers but our tests showed very little change so we have not advertised them this way, however you may notice a difference in colour when the banger is hot or cold. 

This product is to be used with legal oils and terpenes only.