Mylar Bags - Child Resistant & Smell Proof

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Mylar bags (also known as Barrier Bags or Mylar Pouches) are an economical solution for packaging and storage. Small, light, easy to store, these mylar bags feature a child-resistant opening, are heat seal-able for tamper proofing. They include a tear notch for easy opening once sealed.
These mylar bags are robust with good thickness and feature moisture and oxygen resistant properties. The child-resistant double zip-locking mechanism allows the bags to be re-closed after opening. These bags have an opaque, matte black, matte white or holographic backing featuring opening instructions with clear front, so you can view the product.
7.5cm x 10cm (3.62" x 5") external dimensions
8.3cm x 9cm (3.26" x 3.54") internal dimensions
10.16m x 16.51cm (4" x 6.5") external dimensions
9.15cm x 12.3cm (3.60" x 4.84") internal dimensions
12.7cm x 20.6cm (5" x 8.14") external dimensions
11.6cm x 16.7cm (4.39" x 6.57") internal dimensions
Extra Large
15.3cm x 23.4cm (6" x 9.21") external dimensions
14.2cm x 18.1cm (5.59" x 7.12") internal dimensions
0.11mm (110 microns) thickness
Food grade - safe for food storage
Zip-lock and heat seal-able
Can be used with our oxygen absorber