GQB - Seamless - Standard - Blender - 20mm OD - 40mm Deep - 40mm Dish - 2.5mm - Beveled Edge

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This Seamless Standard Blender is very basic in design. Small slits in the bottom of the tube allow for continuous airflow while you inhale, creating a vacuum which constantly “percolates” your favorite oils and terpenes. With a marble, the percolation keeps the oil moving over the heated quartz surface, which prevents burning and allows more time for the vapor to be inhaled.

  • 2.5mm Thick Glass Quartz
  • 20mm OD
  • 40mm Depth
  • 40mm Dish
  • Beveled Edge
  • Seamless Weld Neck

*This product is to be used with legal oils and terpenes only.