GQB - Core Reactor - 25mm OD - 35mm Deep - 2mm - Beveled Edge

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The Core Reactor is an innovative design that includes a solid quartz heat sink in the bottom of the bucket. The "core" creates more surface area and a heated canal between it and the wall. This canal holds heat for longer than a traditional banger, creating less waste and better vaporization. 
The flat top peers well with any of our carb caps.

- 2mm Thick Glass Quartz
- 4mm Flat Bottom with Core Reactor Center 
- Flat Top Edge
- 35mm Deep
- 25mm Outer Diameter
- Frosted Male Fitting

Available in 10 / 14 in both 45° & 90° Male fittings.

This product is to be used with legal oils and terpenes only.