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Cleaner doesn’t have to mean toxic or chemical. It can simply mean…cleaner.

After extensive research and development, DarkCrystal Glass Inc. is proud to offer you CLEAR, a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, unscented cleaning solution for surfaces such as acrylic, porcelain, metal, cotton wick, glass and specialty glasses like quartz, and synthetic ruby and sapphire.

A cleaning product so safe, yet so powerful. By simply soaking the surface in the solution it removes stubborn stains and rinses free leaving no toxic residue. A truly natural alternative. We like that.

Since the beginning of specialized surface cleaners, options have generally consisted of chemical-based solutions. Today some cleaners claim to be “eco-friendly” and “all-natural” but still have harmful ingredients. There is no need for that and DarkCrystal CLEAR proves this.

Health and Safety Benefits:

  • *Completely Non-Toxic Unscented
  • *No Skin Irritants
  • *No short or long term health risk
  • *Safe to mix with other chemicals but not recommended
  • *Non-regulated ingredients
  • *Food surface safe
  • *No concern of cross-contamination.
  • *Safe for use around children, pets and plants

Eco Benefits:

  • *Emulsifies oil molecules reducing biological oxygen demand
  • *Will not harm the ozone layer
  • *No phosphates
  • *Ingredients derived from renewable resources. Safe for use around plants (and pets and family)
  • *Readily biodegradable.
  • *A truly 100% Non Carcinogenic green product

What makes our product stand out from the rest:

  • *Doesn’t break down no matter how dirty it gets. 100% reusable
  • *Does not Expire sitting on a shelf as long as the bottle is sealed
  • *The very first Ecig Tank and Coil/Atomizer cleaner on the market
  • *The only effective quartz safe soaking/polishing agent on the market
  • *Safely remove reclaimed oil from smoking rig’s for easy consumption, no purging required
  • *Removes water stains and prevents future staining if used regularly
  • *Use as an additive in your smoking rig’s water to prevent oil build up during use and stop bacterial growth.
  • *Safe to heat in the microwave or over an open flame. Non Explosive or flammable
  • *By far the most versatile specialty cleaner on the market